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‘Eye Popping:’ Liberal Think Tank Projects Enormous Price Tag for Warren’s Single-Payer Plan

Nothing terribly new here, except for the fact that leftists can’t dishonestly dismiss out of hand these cost projections for single-payer healthcare.  Previous, similar estimates were lazily derided as Koch-funded — which does not seriously attempt to grapple with the calculations themselves — but nobody can remotely accuse the left-leaning Urban Institute of being some right-wing front.  They’d already put out an astronomical number on the ten-year price tag of single-payer healthcare, but updated figures further underscore how enormous the expenditure would be, via The Atlantic:

The Urban Institute, a center-left think tank highly respected among Democrats, is projecting that a plan similar to what Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders are pushing would require $34 trillion in additional federal spending over its first decade in operation. That’s more than the federal government’s total cost over the coming decade for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid combined, according to the most recent Congressional Budget Office projections…In recent history, only during the height of World War II has the federal government tried to increase taxes, as a share of the economy, as fast as would be required to offset the cost of a single-payer plan, federal figures show. There are “no analogous peacetime tax increases,” says Leonard Burman, a public-administration professor at Syracuse University and a former top tax official in both the Bill Clinton administration and at the CBO. Raising that much more tax revenue “is plausible in the sense that it is theoretically possible,” Burman told me. “But the revolution that would come along with it would get in the way.

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It provides Democrats with a valuable piece of evidence

Walgreens Boots could go private for $70 billion

The global drugstore group has reportedly been exploring the possibility of a take-private deal, according to Bloomberg, in what it says would be the “largest leveraged buyout in history.”

“The company has recently held informal talks with private equity firms including KKR,” Bloomberg reports, citing unidentified sources. Walgreens Boots shares rose 3.1 percent yesterday on the news.

“Some of the buyout firms have so far shown reluctance to participate in a deal,” it adds. That is in no small part due to the size of the transaction: Walgreens Boots has a market value of about $55 billion and $16.8 billion of debt, so a take-private deal would be bigger than the current largest leveraged buyout — the sale of the utility TXU to KKR and TPG — which was worth about $45 billion including debt.

A buyout would relieve the company of the pressure of quarterly reporting and give it some breathing room to cut costs and introduce changes that could help it adapt to a world in which discount stores and e-commerce sites like Amazon have eaten much of its lunch.Ambassador describes a quid pro quo with Ukraine

Gordon Sondland, the American ambassador to the E.U. and a crucial witness in the Trump impeachment inquiry, recounted to investigators yesterday that he had told a Ukrainian official that military aid was tied to a public commitment of the investigations President Trump wanted, Michael S. Schmidt writes in the NYT.

Mr. Sondland’s disclosure directly contradicted his testimony last month, when he said he had “never” thought there was any precondition to the aid. “I said that resumption of the U.S. aid would likely not occur until Ukraine provided the public anticorruption statement that we had been discussing for many weeks,” Mr. Sondland said in the new statement.

The updated testimony confirmed Mr. Sondland’s role in laying out a quid pro quo to Ukraine that conditioned the release of U.S. aid on the country’s willingness to say it was investigating Joe Biden, a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination.

It provides Democrats with a valuable piece of evidence. Unlike other officials who have offered damaging testimony about Mr. Trump, Mr. Sondland is a political supporter of the president who has interacted directly with him.

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Bangladeshi curry house chef, 46, is guilty of murdering his family

© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited The body of Juli Begum, 26, was found in a bed in a house in East Ham, East London

A curry house chef who murdered his family when his wife refused to help him renew his visa is facing life in prison.

Mohammed Abdul Shakur, 46, killed Juli Begum, 26, along with Anika, five, and Thanha, six, after arguing with his wife about his immigration status.

The Bangladeshi illegal immigrant went to her home in East Ham, East London having borrowed £100 from a colleague because Ms Begum had complained about how little money he gave her.

He then had sex with his wife one last time before he smothered her with a pillow and strangled Anika with a white sock and fractured Thanha’s skull.

Ms Begum kept 22 carat gold necklaces, earrings and bangles worth £15,000 in her bedroom, along with a gold wedding set which has never been traced.

Shakur had a history of beating his wife and in June 2001, while she was pregnant with Anika, grabbed her neck and pushed her against the wall.

© Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited Anika, five, and Thanha, six, were also murdered in the horrifying rampage in January 2007

After the murders in January 2007, Shakur, who worked for £130 a day as a chef at The Ancient Raj in Frimley, Surrey, told friends his father had died in Bangladesh and bought a one-way ticket costing £340 to the sub-continent, flying out on January 5.

When he bumped into Ms Begum’s sister a month later in the Sylhet district, he told her: ‘Don’t tell the police I murdered your sister. If you tell the police I will murder you and your children.’

Shakur was finally extradited back to the UK in April this year and convicted today of three murders by an Old Bailey jury.

Ms Begum’s family later said in a statement: ‘Abdul Shakur has destroyed our family. He took away a caring, loving mother and sister Juli and he has taken away the future of two young beautiful girls, Thanha and Anika.’

The Common Serjeant of London, Judge Richard Marks, QC, warned the triple killer he faced life behind bars, as he hung his head in shame.

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Create an Audio Visualizer with React and Canvas: Part 2 of 3

You’ve made it to part 2 of this tutorial — nice job! If you’ve stumbled here from the wild see Part 1 of this tutorial to get started with your own audio visualizer.

Let’s get started.Step1: AudioContext and Frequency Array

Define componentDidMount and create an AudioContext which provide us a method to interface with the audio.

What we have done is programmatically create an audio source node. The goal here is a frequency array, and now we have a way to capture the output of our soundFile. We need to analyze it to capture frequency data of a stream while it plays. Fortunate for us we are modern web developers and we have the power of HTML5 — yessssssss!

Simply take the context and call its method createAnalyser()….this.analyser = this.context.createAnalyser();…

Now we have an AnalyserNode!

Time to get analyzing. Take the audio source and connect it to our AnalyserNode. On the next line let’s connect the analyzer to our audio destination….this.source.connect(this.analyser);this.analyser.connect(this.context.destination);…

Finally we are ready to instantiate our frequency array 😊. Your component method should look like the example below.

Now we are ready create a canvas node and with a little math, wrapped in magic, our visualizer will come to be.Brief Introduction to the Power of Canvas API

Canvas is an HTML API for drawing animation, game graphics, data visualization, photo manipulation, and real-time video processing with Javascript. Its functionality is provided to us with the canvas HTML tag and the following could be used inside a react component or directly on an html file.<canvas id=”myCanvas” width=”500″ height=”200″></canvas>

To learn more about the basic usage of canvas outside of react click here.

This tutorial will focus on using canvas within a React application. Let’s return to our application’s file Canvas.js.Step 2: Creating a React Reference to Canvas

Inside the constructor of your component create a react reference, createRef(), to access Canvas’ api after componentDidMount….constructor(props){ = new Audio(songFile);this.canvas = React.createRef()}…

Add the canvas element to the render function and pass it to our ref….<canvas ref={this.canvas} />…Step 3: Animation Loop and Draw Bar Functions

The image at the very start of this tutorial is a circle with a radius of zero and five hundred and fifty five lines, with a width of one, that wrap around its circumference. We want our visualizer to fill as much of the window’s dimensions as possible.

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Listen: Benjamin Clementine: “Jupiter”

Acclaimed British singer/songwriter Benjamin Clementine is releasing his sophomore album, I Tell a Fly, on October 2 via Capitol. Previously we posted its single, “God Save the Jungle.” Now here’s another song from the album, “Jupiter.” Listen below, followed by his upcoming tour dates. 

A press release says the song was “inspired by his receiving a U.S. visa that described him as an ‘alien,’ ‘Jupiter’ finds Clementine exploring questions of identity, both personal and universal.”

As Clementine puts it in the press release: “Seeing my visa just opened everything for me. Saying ‘Jupiter’ for me was like saying ‘Europa,’ or ‘England,’ or ‘Edmonton’. Me wandering around in America…There was Trump and Clinton, there was the Orlando attack, the New Orleans attack-here I was thinking I was living in a safe place, but nothing was really safe anymore, or ever. It’s a poke at people being called aliens by some people, like we’re from another planet. I think we’re all forever aliens.” 

Clementine won the 2015 Freemake video converter crack Mercury Prize for his debut album, At Least For Now, beating out such bigger artists as Florence and the Machine, Gaz Coombes (ex-Supergrass frontman), Jamie xx, Wolf Alice, and Aphex Twin. He also recently collaborated with Gorillaz on the Anti-Trump song “Hallelujah Money.”

I Tell a Fly also includes “Phantom of Aleppoville,” which Clementine shared a video for back in May. Check out both “God Save the Jungle” and “Phantom of Aleppoville” below. Also below is the album’s cover art. No tracklist has been shared yet. Clementine will be headlining New York’s Carnegie Hall on October 5 and also below are his European tour dates.

Photography exhibition, games

Last month, another Cham pottery vase dating back to the Champa kingdom was also found in the Huong River by a fisherman and antique hunter.

Experts said this vase might be over 1,600 years old and was a “Kendi,” the Cham word for strapless pottery vases used to contain holy water in religious ceremonies.

The Kingdom of Champa ruled central Vietnam from 192 to 1832.

Bosom-shaped luffas found in Hanoi’s Goethe café

Luffas formed into the shapes of women’s breasts displayed in the Goethe Café, a part of the German Goethe Institute, located on Hanoi’s Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, have amazed many people over the past few days.

All of the luffas there have a long shape and a pinkish color resembling that of human skin, rather than the usual green of the species. The fruits and vines “grow” upon on a bamboo frame set against a wall, creating a fresh-looking and close-to-nature feeling inside the café.

In fact, these breast-shaped luffas are man-made products created by Nguyen Thi Hoai Mo, a 28-year old artist hailing from Ha Tinh.

She used silicon and composites to make them, and crafted the shape of each “fruit” by hand.

By adding art to the fruits, which are integral to Vietnamese rural life, Mo aimed to convey a message of femininity and women power from a more open perspective in the modern world.

Fun, frolics and felicitations at Ha Noi Rock City

Ha Noi Rock City will celebrate its first birthday on Saturday with an art performance, photography exhibition, games, videos and a live performance by one of Bangkok’s finest dub/reggae bands, Sticky Rice, who are flying over especially for the occasion. The club will be open for 12 hours.

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About one of the largest shanty towns in Europe

“Stonebreaker” was shot in Italy’s Apulia region on Italy’s heel, areas of which are know for the exploitation of mostly migrant field workers, an underworld the film explores in depth and which is also key to its aesthetic. Pic is co-produced by Borrelli’s La Sarraz Pictures and France’s Shellac Sud (“Martin Eden”) with support from RAI Cinema and the Apulia Film Commission.

The twist is that Giuseppe, who is blind in one eye, promises his son that his mother will come back from the dead. He must find a way to keep this promise.

Producer Alessandro Borrelli, who presented the pic to buyers in the What’s Next Italy section at Rome’s MIA market, says “Stonebreaker” combines strong social and father-and-son drama elements with the twin directors’ distinctive tone and vision. “Stonebreaker” is expected to hit the international festival circuit next year.

The director of xem bong da photography is France’s Antoine Héberlé, a Lumiere Award prizewinner for Stéphane Brizé’s “A Woman’s Life.” The film’s editor is Italy’s Stefano Cravero (“Nico, 1988”).

“Seven Acts of Mercy,” which was the De Serios’ debut feature,  made a splash on the festival circuit after premiering in competition in Locarno in 2011. The twins were subsequently at Venice in 2016 with the doc “River Memories,” about one of the largest shanty towns in Europe, on the banks of the river Stura in Turin.

International exhibition celebrates strength in face of oppression

Many artists are featured in the “Zhen Shan Ren International Art Exhibition” displayed at the Ohio Union from Oct. 30 to Nov. 1. Credit: Mackenzie Shanklin | For The Lantern

A small boy looks through jail bars with blood splattered across his white-and-blue striped shirt. He has a solemn look on his face as he stands grasping the bars. The boy’s mother lays on the floor behind him in a pool of blood constrained by chains around her feet.

Weixing Wang, the artist responsible for the oil painting, “Why?” is one of the many artists featured in the “Zhen Shan Ren International Art Exhibition” displayed at the Ohio Union from Wednesday to Friday.

All of the artists showcased in the exhibition practice Falun Dafa, also known as Falun Gong — a spiritual and self-cultivation practice — Gary Sung, a first-year in electrical engineering and president of the Falun Dafa Practice Group, said. The student organization, Falun Dafa Practice Group, is presenting the exhibition. The Falun Dafa Buddhist revival movement started in China at the end of the 20th century and was banned in 1999, Lucia Dunn, adviser of the Falun Dafa Practice Group, said. Brutal and violent persecutions followed thereafter, placing citizens in prison camps when the movement became too large, Dunn said.

“[The exhibition] gives you a sense of the brutality with which these people have been treated,” Dunn said.

Zhang Kunlun, an artist and former prisoner of the Chinese communist regime, gathered artists affected by the persecutions to create work displaying the true stories of people in China, Dunn said.

The purpose of the exhibition is connected to the human rights movement of religious, spiritual and political dissidents in China, Dunn said.

2020 iPhone predicted to get iPad Pro-style ProMotion 120Hz display

By William Gallagher Monday, October 28, 2019, 04:11 am PT (07:11 am ET)New supply chain rumors appear to corroborate previous reports that Apple will add high-refresh rate ProMotion displays to the 2020 iPhone lineup.ProMotion will make iPhone screens more responsive

iphone app development austin  As previously rumored, Apple is expected to use iPad Pro-style ProMotion displays in at least some of its 2020 iPhone models. The new displays are said to bring a faster, more responsive feel to the iPhones.

According to DigiTimes, the iPhones with this display will see their screens refresh at between 90Hz and 120Hz, up from the present 60Hz. The Pixel 4 has a 90Hz display, but it appears to be drastically impairing battery life.

The iPad Pro with ProMotion uses an LCD screen, where the top end of the forthcoming iPhone range is expected to continue using the OLED displays of the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The higher refresh rate can improve the responsiveness of devices. However, ProMotion is significant not just because of its speed, but because of how that speed is used.

php web development company ProMotion intelligently speeds up specific areas of a display rather than always the whole screen. On the iPad Pro, if a user is drawing with the Apple Pencil in one corner of the display, that section will get the increased refresh rate.

The rest of the display may remain at the regular 60Hz speed, or it can even slow down to just 24Hz for areas like toolbars or website headers that are static. This means the display provides extra speed where it is of most value to the user, and at the same time reduces how much power is needed to provide that feature.

In its review of the iPad Pro, AppleInsider noted that ProMotion was transformative when using the Apple Pencil.

The 2020 iPhones are expected to have 5G, and may also feature a smaller Face ID notch.

At present, it isn’t clear what specific Software Development Company benefit that the iPhone would get from a 120Hz display, exacerbated if it does not adopt Apple Pencil compatibility. An entire display refreshing faster is more of a battery drain because of not just the screen’s demands, but the additional work the GPU on the processor had to do as well.

Online Tax Preparation – Preparing Tax Returns

Preparation of tax returns should be done very cautiously, because the tax payer is responsible for each and every word written on the tax return even though it is tax prepare by a professional. The preparer should be able to provide you with practical and convenient tips for tax saving.

You can find an efficient tax preparer online only if you put genuine efforts in searching for one.

Check while hiring tax preparer online

There are certain things that one should follow when hiring an individual or a firm for online tax preparation:

  • Legally speaking, the professional preparer should sign the returns form in the preparer areas. He/she should furnish the identification number on the return. He or she should give a copy of the return to the tax payer.
  • The preparer should be very accurate with filling in your details. Your personal information along with your registration number should be mentioned accurately.
  • The tax preparer should be efficient in online accounting.
  • Do not sign on blank tax returns form ever and do not use a pencil for signing as the signature can be easily erased and your signature replaced.
  • You should present any notices and refund checks that you might have got from your attorney to the tax preparer for preparing the returns.
  • Online bookkeeping is something that your tax preparer should be efficient in.
  • The tax preparer should be adequately qualified and experienced for his/her job, because each and every word he or she writes in the return from is evaluated by the tax collection authorities, and there is every opportunity of the tax payer being penalized for terms that are vague or seem to be unreliable.

Online Tax Preparation Process

Tax preparation should be done with a lot of caution as each and every word mentioned in the tax returns form is the responsibility of the tax payer, even though it might be prepared by another person, a professional or a firm. The tax preparer should be well versed in his/her work. He/She should be adequately qualified and experienced to prepare the tax returns statement. He/She should fill out the form with clear and reliable statements and should sign the tax returns form wherever applicable.

He/She should fill in the areas on the tax return form where the preparer’s information is required. Details like identification number should be clearly furnished on the form and should be signed. The person should not leave any blank areas. The details of the tax payer presented on the returns form should be accurate. It is mandatory for furnishing the registration number of the tax payer. The tax preparer should be able to provide easy-to-implement tax saving tips, and he/she should be adept at online bookkeeping and accounting. Any notices and refund checks, if obtained from an attorney, should be furnished to the tax preparer. On the whole, preparation of tax return statements should be done in a very careful manner as mistakes might cost the tax payer a lot.