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Last month, another Cham pottery vase dating back to the Champa kingdom was also found in the Huong River by a fisherman and antique hunter.

Experts said this vase might be over 1,600 years old and was a “Kendi,” the Cham word for strapless pottery vases used to contain holy water in religious ceremonies.

The Kingdom of Champa ruled central Vietnam from 192 to 1832.

Bosom-shaped luffas found in Hanoi’s Goethe café

Luffas formed into the shapes of women’s breasts displayed in the Goethe Café, a part of the German Goethe Institute, located on Hanoi’s Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, have amazed many people over the past few days.

All of the luffas there have a long shape and a pinkish color resembling that of human skin, rather than the usual green of the species. The fruits and vines “grow” upon on a bamboo frame set against a wall, creating a fresh-looking and close-to-nature feeling inside the café.

In fact, these breast-shaped luffas are man-made products created by Nguyen Thi Hoai Mo, a 28-year old artist hailing from Ha Tinh.

She used silicon and composites to make them, and crafted the shape of each “fruit” by hand.

By adding art to the fruits, which are integral to Vietnamese rural life, Mo aimed to convey a message of femininity and women power from a more open perspective in the modern world.

Fun, frolics and felicitations at Ha Noi Rock City

Ha Noi Rock City will celebrate its first birthday on Saturday with an art performance, photography exhibition, games, videos and a live performance by one of Bangkok’s finest dub/reggae bands, Sticky Rice, who are flying over especially for the occasion. The club will be open for 12 hours.

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